Whether you appreciate track-focused builds with purpose-driven go-fast bits, or instead prefer the look of perfectly stanced-out street cars, chances are you are a car enthusiast. And as a true enthusiast, you may have at one point or another thought about modifying your own car, or even to pick up a dedicated project car to serve as a base platform upon which you would build your own ‘masterpiece’.

Believe it or not, this type of conversation happens quite frequently at 11Tenths between our team and current/prospective clients. And it is during these countless discussions, that we’ve come up with some things for people to consider as they plan out and execute their own projects.

Goals. This is a really important starting point that many people lose focus of as they continue their build, or worse, don’t even take the time to think about it to begin with. What are your goals for the car? Is it going to be a daily driver during the week, and track weapon on the weekend? Do you plan on keeping it street legal? Is it going to be a trailer queen that will be transported from one event to the next? Do you plan on driving it year-round? Or will it be stored during the winter season only to be pulled out on warm sunny days? These are all important questions to think about as they will guide your overall build and dictate your parts selection. This will save you from mistakenly buying parts that don’t align with our overall objectives for the build.

Budget. Before you lower your inhibitions and loosen your wallet for the first few purchases, you should have a budget in mind. Far too often, people will impulsively start purchasing parts for their car before having a good grasp of their overall budgeted spend. Setting up a concrete budget up front will allow you to look at the entire build and start allocating monies to specific portions of it. It will also enable you to prioritize specific areas of the build, should you have conflicting purchases that put you outside of your budget. Finally, if used properly, a budget should be able to prevent you from ending up in the worst possible spot – having a partially complete car only to realize you have maxed out your budget.

Reliability. While this applies to a number of scenarios, here are just 2 to think about. If you daily drive the car, you want to ensure that you are not adding modifications to the detriment of reliability. Otherwise not only will you get frustrated with car fairly quickly, you’ll be using your CAA card (or worse spend money) getting it towed every time it breaks down. If you are building a car doing a lot of track time, you need to factor in the added stresses being placed on the car lap after lap. This includes having all the supporting mods in place. For example, if you have a turbo-ed car, or are turning up the boost or adding bigger turbos on a factory turbo-ed model, you will need to have adequate cooling in place; which means a bigger intercooler and possibly an oil cooler. Otherwise heat soak will set in very quickly and you’ll find that a few hot laps weren’t worth loosing the entire session for.

Sacrifices. Oftentimes improving many traits (speed, uniqueness/looks, handling) of a vehicle results in sacrificing things previously taken for granted.  That stanced-out show car looks hella-sweet when parked, but how stressful was it driving to the “meet” with 1″ ground clearance, fenders rubbing & catless fart-burbles fearing an MTO/Police impoundment while cruising below the speed limit?  Doing that V12 swap earns Nationwide recognition, but sitting in traffic on a scorching-hot August afternoon really makes your reconsider the A/C delete.  Tearing out the entire wiring harness of the new track toy saved you 90lbs in wiring, but now there is no ABS or DSC and the VANOS doesn’t work correctly. While the sacrifices will be different and specific to your build, you should take note of them to ensure they are worth the ‘anticipated’ smiles the end product will give you.

Recurring costs. While this will typically fall outside of your project budget, so to speak, it should be something you pay close attention to as it will affect the ongoing operating costs you will have to cover. That new black paint job looks amazing, but going to a detailer for a 2-stage polish before every big car-show gets expensive. Those TrofeoR tires get the best lap times, but buying a set every month requires a bank robbery. 800whp on the E85-Ethenol on an N54 is impressive, but sourcing that fuel locally proves impossible and it breaks down on a weekly basis, plus you can count on 1 hand how many drives it didn’t go into limp mode. While recurring costs might not be something on your radar yet, it is something you should take a look at during your build phase to ensure you don’t end up with a car too costly to run.

Resale. Are you “investing” into a platform that will garner you some sort of return, or at least hold its principal reasonably well (such as a vintage 911, MK4 Supra, E30 M3, FD-RX7, etc.), or are you prepared to kiss that mod-money goodbye when it come time for resale? While this is a hard question to ask yourself, its an important one – its easy to get excited to spend money on a project you are excited about in that moment. As time goes by, and the excitement dwindles, it could start to become a bitter pill to swallow (if you have not prepared yourself for it)

There you have it, a quick list of things that you should think about when you’re pondering your next build. In fact, it might even be something to consider on your current build if you feel you have lost focus. If there are any other lingering questions you have that aren’t covered on this list, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and concerns.


Written by: Kaizer

Sometimes the lesser car is almost the same as the greater. This means with a little bit of tuning you can have a better car for the money. But that really depends on perspective and the usage of the car. There are multiple examples from BMW to Hyundai and Porsche to Honda where sometimes there isn’t much of a change and other times it is drastic. Have a listen. We also chat about our Tech’s projects which are awe inspiring in their own right!


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Driving or storing your car in Winter – here is what our experts had to say:

1. Tires

It’s been said before, and will be for a LONG TIME. Tires are the most important factor on your car. Literally “where the rubber meets to road”. Contact patches the size of your hand are what do all the stop, go and turning!So with that said if you’re driving in the winter make sure to dress accordingly! Summer tires are useless under 7 degrees celsius and all seasons aren’t far off. Winter tires are the best bet (even cheaper ones) than no winter tires at all. The rubber is formulated for the cooler temperatures and generally have special tread designs specific to snow and ice. Don’t neglect the tire pressures either for safety or your wallet’s sake. Under-inflated or overinflated tires come with their own driving and wear characteristics. Just do what the manual says and inflate them as required.

Tires also need to be checked before storage. Make sure that if you’re storing your summer tires don’t put them directly on concrete or stack them directly on top of each other. Neither is good for the side wall.Keep in mind that storing your car and also lead to flat spots. While this is debated and there are all sorts of ‘preventive’ things such as increasing tire pressure, the most common practices are; foam mats, old yoga mats or dedicated flat spot preventing storage blocks under all 4 tires. Some people prefer to jack the car up off the ground for the winter but it’s contested that this isn’t great for your suspension.


2. Oil

Do you really want to worry about doing an oil change on a bad weather day? Have you thought about the range of temperatures that your car has to sit in? Cold to warm to cold. How about all the idling in the coffee shop drive through? If you’re close to an oil change, get it out of the way now before later, plus your mechanic will appreciate a dry and salt free undercarriage!

While changing your oil isn’t really necessary since your car will sit most of the winter, just keep in mind in the spring it should be top priority. Tell your phone or personal robot to have an oil change as a priority in the spring. Oil breaks down two ways. By using it and making it dirty or through time by breaking down is lubrication and detergent properties. Maybe a post it note in the cup holder wouldn’t be a bad idea.Most importantly don’t do that mid-winter I miss you start-up and idle. You car was not meant to sit for months and then idle for 10 minutes and then be shut off. Also wasn’t meant to be revved cold!!! The nature of how an engine is supposed to operate is with driving. Heat doesn’t properly get into all the parts for their operating tolerances. Oil and coolant doesn’t circulate as it would in regular driving and warm up situations. You can argue that it’s not that bad, but it’s tough to argue that it’s good.


3. Wiper Blades

Similar to the oil, do you want to inspect or change them in the freezing cold? More over, do you want to find out when they are not work while driving down the highway in a winter storm? Check your blades, at minimum wipe them clean with a rag. Replace if necessary.

Give em a wipe, less to do in the spring.


4. Battery

You might have caught on to the trend here. Don’t be stuck not checking. A battery sees the harshest conditions in the winter. Cold start ups are hard and the colder it is that more energy and ‘crank energy’ is required.  A lot of cars these days come with a starter for the winter so you can get that car toasty before you get into it. Don’t sacrifice the feature, your battery should operate at 12.6 volts or above and should be 13.7-14.7 when the engine is running. If you don’t know how to check your instruments or the battery itself, get your mechanic to check it.

Tender the battery. Either in the car or out of it. A battery will still discharge, so for its health putting it on a tender that is ‘smart’ and changes the delivery of charge is great for ensuring longer life and a battery ready for the spring start up. Keep in mind a dry area is also preferable.


5. The Inspection

Driving and Storage
Do a visual inspection of the car. Lights, brakes, belts, seals and everything else we’ve already mentioned. Be prepared to drive or store your car. Taking an interest in it now will go a long way down the road. If you need help make the time to bring it in. Prepare for surprises and make your winter more enjoyable.


Written By: @milk4coffee


When 24 Hours of Le Mans isn’t enough you just get back on the highway and go to then next track…or two.


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Many a car person’s bucket lists include a trip to the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans. 11Tenths went there in 2019 and it was an experience! Racing, traffic jams, crepes and dare I say some track side Schnitzel (oh wait, that’s part 2)

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Did you know that roughly one year ago Bugatti announced that it would no longer be chasing speed records with their cars? Ironically enough, this was freshly after achieving a 304 Mph run. Now even though it was not with a production car you could buy at a local dealership, it was a prototype based on the road going Chiron. They listed all sorts of reasons why they had this sudden change of heart; most of which can be boiled down to one single sentiment – they think outright top speed is unnecessary. How ironic, since that was their whole mantra with the Veyron to begin with.

I’d like to posit another theory (and what I believe to be the more likely) theory. I believe that through the grapevine, they had become aware that an ‘American’ with big biceps and a can-do attitude was working on a hypercar with a top speed target far beyond what their fleet could achieve. So, they picked up their baguettes and bratwurst and hobbled back into their leather lined dens. Backing out long before the comparison was even going to take place. Fast forward a year, and that aforementioned ‘American’ proved to be a force to reckon with. As of October 2020 the SSC Tuatara positively DESTROYED every single record out there for production ‘road’ cars. This car hit 331Mph or 530Km/h. Incredible.

Now most of us are aware that the truth of realizing such speed all comes down to two engineering feats. Co-efficient of drag and power. Yes, there are additional factors such as suspension travel, tires being able to maintain their structural integrity, and the list goes on. However, these aside, it really does come down to these 2 aforementioned factors. And as with most other challenges, throw enough money at any problem and you will come up with a solution. The Tuatara is no exception to the rule.

Power, you ask? The Tuatara has a twin-turbo V8 capable of delivering an asphalt scorching 1,750hp. The coefficient of drag is surprisingly disappointing, however. With a 0.279 coefficient of drag, it is bested by the likes of the Subaru BRZ, Hyundai Elantra and even the 1998 model year S-Class from Mercedes (for crying out loud)! The list of cars with better coefficient of drag figures runs longs, and features entry level consumer cars all the way to concept prototypes. But I guess with anything, throw enough horsepower into the mix, and it can literally overpower other less-desired areas. But don’t feel too bad for the Tuatara, it did beat the Ferrari F50 (Cd of 37.2), Koenigsegg CCX (Cd of 32.0) and the McLaren F1 (Cd of 0.32), among others.

That said, watching the Tuatara’s record-breaking run, the car looked incredibly stable. Not as dramatic as I would have expected. Might as well thank the computational fluid dynamics of modern CAD software, right?

Here’s the thing. As impressive as these runs are, beyond production numbers where do you draw the line for these road car records? Could 11Tenths not theoretically weld together a 5 foot long pointy nose cone for a BMW M2, then boost the motor until the head bolts stretch out of the bonnet? Boom top speed. The impressiveness is the complete package of these hypercars. Koenigsegg is a great example of a top speed car that can go around a corner but also be functional enough to act as a grand tourer. We need to learn more about the Tuatara, but I’m sure the goal is similar – a car that is not just about top speed but incredible handling as well.

So, is top speed a joke and just a battle of math and engineering? Of course not.

I’ll tell you what it is: Marketing.


Written by: @Milk4Coffee

Image Source: SSC North America

The 1st episode of our brand new podcast. The goal is to fill your minds with information and talking points.

In this episode we talk where the rubber meets the road. LITERALLY we chat about tires.
A hotly contested arena where everyone has something to say about what is the best bang for your buck.

We also chat about a neat little project in the shop that yielded some fantastic power for an “eBay” build.

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In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, several racing series and event organizers have decided to modify, postpone or cancel industry gatherings. The following is a running list of official statements from race organizations regarding their operations. In addition to the major race organizations below, several tracks across the nation are also postponing and modifying their 2020 schedules. Reach out to your favorite track or team’s social media pages for the most up-to-date information.

24 Hours of Le Mans
The organizer of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, together with the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), have decided to postpone the 88th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, originally scheduled for June 13-14, 2020.

The new date will be September 19-20, 2020.

For the latest information, visit

ABB FIA Formula E
Formula E and the FIA have announced that the 2019-20 season will be temporarily suspended for a two-month period, considering the challenge the current health crisis poses to the organization of events in city-centers. The series is implementing a flag system traditionally used in motorsports to determine different phases and time windows where races could be rearranged or remain unaffected—with red representing no races, yellow keeping the opportunity open and green going ahead as planned. Months marked as red flags are March and April, with May currently categorized as a yellow flag and both June and July given the green flag, should the situation improve and stabilize. As a consequence of the suspension, it will no longer be possible to race in Paris and Seoul, or Jakarta as previously announced on the originally scheduled dates.

For the latest information, visit

American Drag Racing League (ADRL)
After consulting with ADRL officials… [World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, Illinois] adjusted [its] event schedule and were able to move the ADRL Gateway Drags to the only available date that could accommodate such a large gathering, July 10-11, 2020. Tickets for the ADRL event will be honored on the rescheduled date.

For more information, visit or

American Sprint Car Series (ASCS)
Classes under the ASCS banner, including the ASCS Sooner Region, ASCS Southwest, and ASCS Desert Non-Wing Series, have postponed their 2020 schedules. In addition, “Devil’s Bowl Speedway officials have no choice but to cancel this weekend’s Spring Nationals with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network. As of now, the event has not been rescheduled.”

For the latest information, visit

In conjunction with NASCAR, all ARCA Menards Series race events—including the ARCA Menards Series East and ARCA Menards Series West—are postponed through May 3.

For the latest information, visit

The CARS Tour Old North State Nationals presented by Visit Orange County, originally scheduled for April 4-5 at Orange County Speedway, has been postponed indefinitely. Additionally, the Race Face Tel-Med 300, originally scheduled for March 21, at Hickory Motor Speedway, has been canceled.

For the latest information, visit

COMP Cams Super Dirt Series
Series officials have announced the March 27–28 event at Batesville Motor Speedway (Locust Grove, Arkansas) and I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Arkansas) have been postponed. Additionally, the scheduled doubleheader for April 3–4, at Texarkana 67 Speedway (Texarkana, Arkansas) and LoneStar Speedway (Kilgore, Texas) has been postponed. The series is scheduled to return to racing April 17–18 at Poplar Bluff Speedway (Poplar Bluff, Missouri) and Legit Speedway Park (West Plains, Missouri).

For the latest information, visit

Crate Racin’ USA
The Newsome Raceway Parts Crate Racin’ USA Dirt Late Model Series has announced the first three races of the 2020 national touring season have been rescheduled for the month of April. The two-race Rumble on the Grumbo at Greenville Speedway (Greenville, Mississippi) is now scheduled for April 17-18. The 50-lap Shoals Showdown at North Alabama Speedway (Tuscumbia, Alabama) has been rescheduled for April 25. Additionally, the two races set for NASCAR Weekend at Talladega Short Track (Eastaboga, Alabama), will be rescheduled. A later date will be announced.

For the latest information, visit

FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC)
The decision has been announced to postpone the seventh round of the FIA World Endurance Championship’s 2019-2020 season. The promoter, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and the RACB are working together to find a new 2020 date.

For the latest information, visit

Formula 1

F1 and Grand Prix officials have announced the Dutch Grand Prix (May 1-3), the Monaco Grand Prix (May 21-24), and now the Azerbaijan Grand Prix (June 5-7) will be postponed. In addition, the Formula 1 Summer break has been moved forward to March and April to help accommodate a rescheduled season.

For the latest information, visit

IMS Museum
The IMS Museum is closed to the public at this time.

For the latest information, visit


The International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) announced schedule updates for three 2020 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge events.

  • The Acura Sports Car Grand Prix at Mid-Ohio has been moved to the weekend of Sept. 25-27, 2020. It was originally scheduled for the weekend of May 1-3.
  • The IMSA Monterey SportsCar Championship at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca has been moved up one weekend to run on Sept. 4-6. It was originally scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 11-13. This date adjustment was made to accommodate IMSA competitors planning to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which now will run on Sept. 19-20.
  • The 23rd annual Motul Petit Le Mans at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta has been moved back one week and now will run Oct. 14-17. The original dates of the event were Oct. 7-10.

It was also previously announced that the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Presented by Advance Auto Parts is set for Nov. 11-14. Previously purchased tickets for all four events will be valid on the new dates. In addition, IMSA officials also announced the Grand Prix of Alabama (April 3-5) and the Long Beach of Grand Prix (April 17-19) will not take place as originally scheduled.

For the latest information, visit

INDYCAR officials have announced that the iconic Indy 500 is still slated to take place on May 24. In addition, officials have also canceled competitive events through April. “Our priority is to do our part in protecting the public health while still conducting the 104th Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge as scheduled on May 24… We are planning for all contingencies and will be prepared to run the GMR Grand Prix and Indy 500 as the COVID-19 situation permits,” a press release stated. In addition, ticket credit and refund information regarding the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg and the 2020 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach have been announced.

For the latest information, visit and

Keystone Automotive BIG Show
Keystone Automotive has canceled its annual BIG Show due to escalating concerns about the spread of COVID-19, the parts distributor has announced. The show was scheduled to be held March 27-28, in Grapevine, Texas. The company also plans to convert the show to a virtual environment, the statement revealed, as a new date could not be found to reschedule the event.

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Kyle Petty Charity Ride
The Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America, originally scheduled for May 2-8, will now take place May 1-7, 2021.

For the latest information, visit

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series have postponed events at Atomic Speedway, Brownstown Speedway, 411 Motor Speedway, and Talladega Short Track. The series hopes to resume the original schedule on April 18 at Hagerstown Speedway and April 19 at Port Royal Speedway.

For more information, visit

Mazda MX-5 Cup

Following the recent cancelation of the IndyCar events at Barber Motorsports Park and Circuit of The Americas, Mazda Motorsports, Andersen Promotions and IndyCar have decided to postpone the first two rounds of the Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich.

For the latest information, visit
Must See Racing
Must See Racing (MSR) has put its 2020 season on hold, stating it is impossible to predict when the season can begin.

For the latest information, visit

NASCAR is currently postponing all race events through May 3, with plans to return racing in Martinsville [Sat., May 9]. Officials intend to hold all 36 races this season, with future rescheduling soon to be determined.

For the latest information, visit

In related news, officials from Texas Motor Speedway, Bristol Motor Speedway, and Talladega Superspeedway have announced details regarding ticket refunds or exchanges for the postponed or canceled NASCAR dates.

For more information, visit,, or

NASCAR Hall of Fame
The NASCAR Hall of Fame will be closed to the general admission public beginning Saturday, March 14 through the end of the month.

For the latest information, visit

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series
American SpeedFest 8 at Brands Hatch (West Kingsdown, England) will be postponed from its original date (June 6-7), following the decision by Motorsport UK to extend the suspension of motor racing until at least June 30. Event organizers MSV and the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series are working together to secure a new date and an announcement will be made in due course.

For the latest information, visit

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
NASCAR and South Boston Speedway officials announced that the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour opener has been postponed inevitably. The 150 was scheduled for South Boston on Saturday, March 21. No makeup date has been determined, and further details on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour schedule will be announced at a later date.

For the latest information, visit

National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)
NHRA officials have suspended racing, including events at all NHRA-owned tracks and any NHRA-sanctioned events such as the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series and the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. Officials intend to resume the original schedule on April 17-19 in Houston, and continue thereafter, subject to developments in the interim. The Spring Las Vegas event is postponed with new dates TBD.

For the latest information, visit

ProMedia Events and Publishing, the parent company of the Holley NMRA Ford Nationals and NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, in association with Atlanta Dragway’s parent company NHRA, have decided to postpone the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals. The Holley NMRA Ford Nationals returns May 14-16, and NMCA returns to action May 28-31, at World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway in Madison, Illinois. A new date has not been made for the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals.”

For the latest information, visit

The PDRA East Coast Nationals presented by FuelTech is postponed.

For the latest information, visit

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
The Board of Directors of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has made the decision to postpone the 98th running of the race. The race will not be conducted on June 28, 2020, but instead will be slated to take place on Sunday, August 30. Fan Fest, which annually attracts more than 30,000 race fans in downtown Colorado Springs, will be set for Friday, August 28.

For the latest information, visit

POWRi and track officials have postponed the Turnpike Challenge in favor of Wednesday, April 29 through Sunday, May 3, 2020. The updated schedule is below.

Wednesday, April 29 – Creek County Speedway Practice
Thursday, April 30 – Creek County Speedway
Friday, May 1 – I-44 Speedway
Saturday, May 2 – I-44 Speedway
Sunday, May 3 – Port City Raceway

For the latest information, visit

SCORE International Off-Road Racing
SCORE International has elected to postpone next week’s 34th annual SCORE San Felipe 250. Round 1 of the four-race 2020 SCORE World Desert Championship has been rescheduled with the new race date of May 9 in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Additionally, SCORE has announced a date change for the 52nd SCORE Baja 500 race week from June 3-7 to June 16-21.

For the latest information, visit

Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA)
SVRA officials have shared that the 2020 Trans-Am SpeedFest at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, set for May 1-3, will not take place as planned. Officials are in active discussions to find an alternative date for later this year. A full entry fee credit, with no expiration, will also be issued.

For more information, visit

Southeast Gassers Association (SEGA)
The SEGA Emerald Coast Race at Emerald Cost Dragway (Holt, Florida), is postponed. A new date will be announced.

For the latest information, visit

Southern National Series
Officials with Boyd’s Speedway, Senoia Raceway, and the Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals Series presented by Sunoco Race Fuels have announced the postponement of [the Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals]. The Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals Series will now open the season on Friday, April 10, at Wythe Raceway.

The newly scheduled dates are below.

Friday, April 17 – Boyd’s Speedway – Ringgold, GA

Saturday, April 18 – Senoia Raceway – Senoia, GA

For the latest information, visit

SRO Motorsports Group America
SRO America plans to complete all rounds in 2020.

The recent St. Petersburg Grand Prix weekend, as well as the Long Beach Grand Prix weekend scheduled for April 17-19, have both been canceled. SRO America will integrate the Pirelli GT4 America Sprint Rounds 3 and 4 and SprintX Round 3, as well as TC America TCR/TCA Rounds 3 and 4 at already-scheduled future race weekends. An update will be provided in the near future regarding the TC Festival at Lime Rock Park scheduled for May 8-9, and the Victoria Day SpeedFest at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park scheduled for May 15-17. In an effort to bring the GT motorsports community together in this time, SRO Motorsports Group has launched the #GTunited2020 campaign to share photos, videos, and stories on social channels.

For the latest information, visit

Supercars officials have announced Tasmania, Auckland, and Perth events will all be postponed until later in the year, but not canceled. It is believed that all 14 rounds of the 2020 championship will still take place.

For the complete statement, where to watch virtual Supercars race on track, and the latest information, visit

Trans Am
The Trans Am Racing Company announced today that the SpeedTour Road Atlanta Grand Prix event featuring the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta on March 28–29, will be postponed. The next event for the national Trans Am Series is currently scheduled for May 1–3, at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. In addition, the series continues to monitor the developments in Northern California for the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli West Coast Championship event at Thunder Hill Raceway that is scheduled for April 3-5. As of [March 17], the event will go ahead without schedule interruptions.

For more information, visit

United States Auto Club (USAC)
Races scheduled for the CRA and West Coast Sprint Cars, as well as the Western Midget Series and Eastern SpeeD2 Midgets, have been postponed through the end of March.

For the latest information, visit

United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS)
King of America X powered by Summit and B-Mod Battle at The Bullring slated for March 26-28 at the Humboldt Speedway in Humboldt, Kansas, has been postponed. If the event(s) can be rescheduled, an announcement will be made as soon as those dates are known.

For the latest information, visit

United States Sprint Car Series (USCS)
The 2020 USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters schedule has been suspended for now. The suspension applies to the USCS Mid-South and Southern Thunder regional schedules as well.

For the latest information, visit

World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars
The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Sprint Car Series, together with its partner tracks in California, has decided to adjust the remainder of this spring’s California tour, which included races scheduled through April 18. Previously, the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series had postponed events through April 9. Additional events now impacted include races on April 10 at Merced Speedway, April 11 at Ocean Speedway, and April 17-18 at the Stockton Dirt Track. In working on possible reschedule dates, World of Outlaws officials have determined there will not be an option this season to run postponed events originally scheduled for March 14 at LoneStar Speedway, March 21 at USA Raceway, March 22 at Arizona Speedway, March 28 at Perris Auto Speedway, April 10 at Merced Speedway, April 11 at Ocean Speedway, and April 17-18 at the Stockton Dirt Track. In examining the remaining schedule, Series officials plan to reschedule races originally scheduled for March 13 at Cotton Bowl Speedway, March 29 at Santa Maria Speedway, and April 3-4 at Thunderbowl Raceway.

For the latest information, visit

World Of Outlaws Late Models

The World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series, together with Illinois’ Farmer City Raceway, is postponing the Illini 100, which was originally scheduled for April 2-4. The $15,000-to-win event has become an early-season staple for Dirt Late Model fans and racers. World of Outlaws and Farmer City Raceway officials plan to reschedule the weekend. Amid additional precautions, the series previously postponed events set for March 27 at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, and March 28 at Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney. World of Outlaws officials also intend to reschedule those events, as well.

For the latest information, visit

Officials from Total Seal Piston Rings have announced a new alliance with Diamond, JE and Wiseco Pistons.

As part of the partnership, Total Seal Piston Rings are now available as an upgrade option on any piston from JE Pistons, Wiseco Performance Products or Diamond Pistons. The three performance piston brands are all under the Race Winning Brands (RWB) banner, which also includes Dart, MGP, K1, Trend, X2 & Boostline.

While the option of Total Seal rings has been available as a special order option, today’s announcement makes it easier to take advantage of Total Seal’s patented technologies including its gas ported rings, Diamond Finish and Total Conform rings.

“This new alliance represents a win for our customers,” RWB President Bob Bruegging said in a press release. “Providing performance options to our customers reflects the mission of Race Winning Brands, and adding Total Seal Piston Rings provides our customers with a premium performance option without added hassle or handling costs.”

“Our new alliance with these three leading piston manufacturers will allow both consumers and engine builders to upgrade to the finest rings in the industry through their ordering process. We look forward to a mutually successful relationship,” Total Seal CEO and President Matt Hartford said in a written statement.



For more information, visit or

The G-Force Racing Gear brand and its product lines have been acquired by RiteGuard GA, Inc., according to a press release from G-Force.

The purchase of G-Force Racing Gear, previously owned by Postell Associates Inc., was completed on December 30, 2019. The current G-Force sales and operation team will continue to manage the business from a new location in Acworth, Georgia.

Customers with inquiries are encouraged to contact G-Force sales account managers Craig Robinson and Jeremy Speich at 770-998-8855.

G-Force Racing Gear manufactures suits, helmets, gloves, shoes, camlock harnesses, latch and link harnesses, nets and restraints, towing gear, crew gear, flame retardant underwear, and more.

G-Force Racing Gear made the following announcement regarding the acquisition:

We are dedicated to making the transition as seamless and smooth as possible for our current and new customers and distributors. We will continue to provide quality G-Force Racing Gear products across all present product lines and further improve the G-Force Racing Gear product quality control, lead times and services. We will strive to fulfill our customer needs now and in the future as we carry the G-Force name into the coming decades.

We apologize for any response delays that you might be experiencing in the business transition period. Please understand that we are working on restocking the entire G-Force product line as quickly as practical and also rebuilding the production facilities.