Season 2 – EP 7

Randy heads to the states for another round of Street Outlaws (No Prep Kinds) and tells us about the wild cars and world of 1/8th mile drag racing. See if you can count how many times David’s jaw drops in pure astonishment. Speaking of David; Peaches (his C5 from the last episode) was finally taken to the track. As fun and fast as that was, it came with it’s own host of problems to sort out as well.

Season 2 – EP 6

There’s a thing called going off the deep end, and David’s done just that. The lure of the track meant finding a 4 wheeled companion that would be up to the task (and on a budget too). Of course things came down to a crunch and Randy joined in for the journey. You know things wouldn’t have been simply straightforward would they?… David learns the hard way.

Season 2 EP 5 – If you’re going to pick a video to watch in preparation for heading to a track day or autocross event. This is the one. What to bring, how to bring, what to do. This one is the best 20 minute prep you will get!!!

Season 2 Episode 4 Who on earth is that guy next to Randy? What one earth does he know about cars and how did he end up here? Well in this episode, you’re about to find out.



The full on PRI experience from the eyes of Randy and David. What a 72 Hour trip to an automotive trade show look like along with some other fun along the way. Painful shrimp…we’ll just leave it at that. You’ll have to watch!

Honestly, so many beautiful and rare cars in this episode your head will spin. From SEMA 2021 to a full Peterson Museum breakdown with a stop for the worst tuna (no crust). Randy and David cover off some interesting builds as well as history for this one. Sit back and enjoy.


We’re back! Season 2 of the 11Tenths Podcast is on the way. In this episode we lightly review the 2021 season and how our hobby and passion wavered through a new ‘pandemic’ influence. Some things were the same, a lot were different. From driving school changes to takeovers and new reckless driving laws in Ontario. It’s been interesting in and out ‘lockdown’. Randy get’s excited for SEMA 2021 while we also introduce Brad Crane with his 1999 Honda Civic Type R Spoon clone.

You might be used to car shows, but there is a whole other realm the average consumer doesn’t have access to. This is the world of the automotive trade show! Trade shows like SEMA, PRI, JRP etc. are for industry involved companies to demonstrate as well as learn all about each other and what they offer. There’s a lot out there.

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It probably would have been a fair fight, that is if Randy knew David was going to post this. Maybe he would have stayed out a few more laps or asked for an extra session. The fact is that whenever there’s a timer involved you can be sure Randy was giving it, so whether he was aware or not. This was on….

This month we ago over ALL the ways to add power. There’s a lot to discuss from turbo’s to different supercharger types. Dyno graphs and differences between them. What the shape may mean for the feeling in your soul to the seat of your pants. This is a good one.


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