Preparing Your Car For Warmer Weather

Preparing Your Car For Warmer Weather

  1. Tires

It’s that time again and everyone is getting excited to flash their rollers. Warm weather here we go! BUT WAIT how about that temperature though? It’s recommended that summer tires go on when the average temperature is over 7 degrees celsius, so as anxious as you might be, it would be worth waiting for safety and performance sake. Then there is the salt, which inevitably need a few good spring showers before it gets washed away. Not that it’s a big deal, but worth consideration when it comes to the finish and corrosion of your hoops!

Tires also need to be checked before storage. Make sure that if you are storing your winter tires don’t put them directly on concrete or stack them directly on top of each other. Neither is good for the side wall. While this is debated and there are all sorts of ‘preventive’ things such as increasing tire pressure, the most common practices are foam mats, old yoga mats or dedicated flat spot preventing storage blocks under all 4 tires.

  1. Oil and Fluids

 New season, new fluids. Some cars may not have seen the light of day over the past few months and others may not have seen a dry garage or shop! Consider that all lubricants and fluids have a life span that depends on time as well as wear. Brake fluid absorbs moisture, and oils have reduced lubrication properties. Oil breaks down two ways. By using it and making it dirty or through time by breaking down is lubrication and detergent properties. Maybe a post it note in the cup holder wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Maximize your efficiency, performance and longevity of your car by checking and replacing fluids where necessary.

  1. Filters and Blades

 The winter is NASTY and even if you stored your car, you should take the time to check the breathability of your ride. Check air filters and cabin filters for debris along with dirt. It could be time for a change. That goes two-fold for your poor windshield wipers. Dealing with ice and grime, sticky bumpy windshields or just drying up while they sat there unused. Have a look and see if they’re good to go for that first rain storm.

  1. The Inspection

If you couldn’t tell it’s now the time to make sure that your car is running optimally for the warmer weather. Maximize the performance and efficiency!!! Beyond the items listed previously, do a visual inspection of the car. Lights, brakes, belts, seals and everything else we’ve already mentioned. Be prepared to drive your car. Taking an interest in it now will go a long way down the road. If you need help, make the time to bring it in to 11Tenths. Prepare yourself to minimize surprises and make your summer more enjoyable.




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