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BimmerWorld Silicone Throttle Body Boot – E36/Z3; Euro HFM

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Smooth the intake airflow in your 92-99 6-cylinder – gain up to 8 Hp

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BimmerWorld 3.5″ silicone intake boot for all E36 M3 and MZ3 S52 is for upgrading to the Euro, 540i, or Porsche HFM kits. The E36 silicone intake boot is the preferred intake tube from the HFM to the throttle body because it makes more power than a stock accordion-style boot and lasts a lot longer. They have seen a HP increases from 3-8hp from this piece alone! The silicone boot is also custom-sized for the larger HFM so no HFM adapter is required. This boot can also be used to delete the ASC throttle body.

When adding a Euro/540i or one of the Porsche 993 HFMs to your E36 you need to account for the difference in sizing between the 3.5″ HFM and the 3.0″ stock intake boot. HFM adapters are usually required if you want to keep your stock accordion boot (not recommended). Bimmerworld’s boot takes the place of the adapter and the stock boot for a smooth and simple intake path. Their boot has a little extra length so it can be trimmed to fit in a variety of applications – including MZ3 and even E30 S50/S52 swaps.

The stock intake boot has other shortcomings in addition to being the wrong size: they are known to fail easily which leads to vacuum leaks and poor running. Often times the rip is in one of the accordion pleats, hidden from view. The high-quality 4-layer silicone construction will withstand anything you can throw at it for years to come. No more dry-rotting rubber! The stock accordion design also creates flow turbulence, which hurts performance. With a perfectly smooth path, air turbulence and restriction are eliminated.

Fitment for ASC Delete: the BimmerWorld silicone intake boot will take the place of both the HFM and ASC intake boots. This boot will not work if you wish to keep ASC. It comes with two breather ports, just like the factory boot and includes two plugs to use depending on your setup (OBD-II cars will plug one hole). May require slight relocation of charcoal canister, depending on model and intake.

Fits the following vehicles:

E36 M3 95 with Euro (806 HFM) or 540i HFM (800 HFM)

E36 M3 96-99 with Porsche HFM (803 or 809 HFM)

MZ3 S52 with Porsche HFM (803 or 809 HFM)

E30/E34 with S50/S52 swap and Euro or 540i HFM

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