E46 2WD V2 Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit – Rear Only*****


Quick Overview

Teflon lined DOT approved braided stainless steel line set, featuring heavy-duty fittings and a protective plastic sheathing.


As in any performance application, replacing squishy rubber parts with a performance piece will increase response and feel – brakes are no different. Stock rubber brake hoses (4-6 per car) expand under pressure, requiring increased fluid volume and increased pedal movement for a desired stopping force. Constructed using top quality components, our braided stainless lines reduce this slop dramatically.

BimmerWorld V2 lines feature a non-expansive Teflon? center core, surrounded by braided stainless steel for durability and abrasion resistance. V2 lines incorporate a coated alloy attachment sleeve for added strength and chemical resistance. Lines are sheathed with an attractive blue plastic cover for a clean look and to prevent debris from working into the stainless braids.

Line end fittings are a heavy-duty steel with a durable zinc plating. In Bimmerworld’s years of experience in racing and the performance BMW industry, they have seen several specific failures from typical stainless brake lines. Bimmerworld’s fittings are designed to eliminate the common stress/failure point. Additionally, the hydraulic crimping method used in manufacturing our BimmerWorld V2 lines leaves a smooth transition between the filling and line, which is yet further protected from stress and abrasion by a flexible rubber sleeve.

Finally, all of the BimmerWorld V2 lines are tested to at least 3,000psi, and stamped with our DOT approval number. This DOT stamp is the government’s approval that our manufacturing process produces lines able to endure rigorous testing that simulates road use. This 3 digit stamp on each of our lines ensures that every line is made and tested to DOT standards, with the DOT stamp of approval – not just “made to DOT standards” or “DOT compliant” like many other brands.

Custom line sets also available, including partial sets to compliment big-brake kits and AN lines for racing applications – please inquire.

Includes replacement M10 copper crush washers.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 10 cm