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VAC Carbon Fiber Race-Style Airbox (BMW S54)

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Quick Overview

Our S54-Race Carbon Fiber Airbox is designed to replace the factory airbox/ intake manifold, and to improve maximum power output while having a combined weight of only a few lbs!

These beautiful Race Air Boxes are for when peak HP gain is key; ideal for the pro touring car racer. We have tested and tested various intake volumes, runner lengths and contours to find a shape that would improve maximum output on the already excellent results of the CSL intake…

With our VAC S54 Race Airbox, you have found everything you need: No longer do you have to fight with currency conversion; battle with low quality parts from unscrupulous sources, or intake kits that promise power gains and don’t deliver…

The quality of this airbox is great, and it weighs next to nothing, along with perfect fitment and real-world durability. Offers a large orifice for use with a cold air hose, we can supply a quality cone filter by clicking above. Not recommended for street use (hence the E46 CSL intake adopts similar principals but is more intended for club use, or a street car)

VAC Race Style Airbox: VAC has the intimate knowledge and experience to improve upon the OE CSL Airbox:

Our exclusive design uses a different helmholtz resonance to have a charging effect on incoming air to extract maximum high RPM power (as the CSL Airbox, but with a different tuned volume and shape).

This airbox is one of the keys for making maximum power when your goal is to exceed the CSL in performance. Can be fitted to the E36 & Z3 with S54-swap with minimal modification. Our airboxes also include their own velocity stacks so no core stacks are required.

Moves power gains into the high RPM range, expect 10-15HP more top RPM power than the CSL Airbox! Ideal for the race track.

Extremely light weight

Improved engine output

More top end HP gain than CSL box, only a 5HP-10hp low-RPM sacrifice below 5k RPM

Compatible with Alpha N programmed BMW-ECU or aftermarket standalone ECU

Exclusive to VAC design

Box ships with a blank finish, you may apply any sticker you wish

Excellent quality fit & finish

Cone filter available in the check box above

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Race / Touring Style CF Airbox

Cold Air Snorkel (mates to OE lower brake duct/intake scoop) not shown in image

VAC Decal (curent style, old style is shown in image)

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Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions120 × 90 × 30 cm


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