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VAC – Dominator E36 Air Intake Kit

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SKU: 11T-DAI-E36


Quick Overview

Single solution to give you maximum N/A power and response, staying street legal and in many cases, class legal if your a racer. Adds 25-30 whp.

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aFe’s 3.5″ Euro style BMW Intakes offer proven performance, value, and a clean install all BMW owners look for… and of course POWER. We like the aFe intakes a lot.
Excellent filter media means unrestricted yet efficient cleaning and performance. The cold air design that does not have to go low, making problems with inhaling standing water, no worry at all.

larger 3.5″ HFM (Mass Airflow Sensor), offers both less restriction and a higher power window as it is capable of accurately monitoring a greater amount of air as it enters before maxing out it’s sensor.
VAC’s 3.5″ authentic Samco Intake Elbow is the best; being made of the the most durable, best fitting and best looking silicone in the automotive industry. This elbow continues the trend of absolutely minimal restriction with no odd kinks and the elimination of the restrictive traction control.

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 30 cm


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