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VAC – S14, Ported & Polished ITB Air Horns

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If you wish to retain your OEM, or OEM style airbox yet still make maximum power, VAC’s Ported & Polished Air Horns are available. One of their hidden tricks on their seemingly stock looking S14s; a masterful in-house port & polish work is applied to the entire inside length of a genuine set of BMW Air Horns for a high-velocity perfect finish. VAC’s modified Air Horns will make sure your your entire intake tract is optimized and high power is attained. If you have heads and cam work, your engine will directly benefit from this breathing improvement. Ideal for heavily tuned street and racing engines. Ordering Notes:This is a fee for a service performed to your air horns. Core horns are required. At times VAC can supply horns at market value. VAC will contact you for additional information as necessary.Image is for example, throttle assemblies not included.

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