Complete Race Car Builds

11Tenths Racecraft specializes in track & race car buildsit’s our passion! With over 50 years of combine track & race experience, we have the knowledge and know how of series & class regulations. We can build a spec race car for any series / class rule book and ensure you are achieving maximum performance with your vehicle within the specified guidelines. From simple bolt-ons to full chassis acid-dipping we cover it all! With our in-house fabrication team, mechanical engineer, certified technicians, race coaches, and track preparation equipment, we can achieve your dream race car build with any make or model. We also offer an array of top-notch race equipment from certified helmets, seats, harnesses and fire-retardant undergarments that will assist in getting you on your way to the podium. If you are considering on joining a series, race class or are looking to build a track toy, contact us and let us assist with making that dream a reality!