Corporate events

11Tenths Racecraft holds corporate events such as track days, cruises and show & shine gatherings during the spring and summer seasons. If you are looking to participate in any of our 11Tenths events, please contact us or stay notified by following our Instagram (@11tenths) and Facebook pages for all the latest events and updates!


11Tenths Racecraft brings the automotive enthusiast community together in a fun and safe environment. Keep the spirited driving on the track and join us at our track day events where you can push yourself and your vehicle to the limit. We offer hotlapping and seat time with a professional instructor that will offer guidance and tips on how to shave down those lap times. If you aren’t comfortable taking your own vehicle on track, ask us about renting one of our track prepped BMW race cars! Save the wear and tear on your own vehicle by using one of ours!


Bring your ride and visit us at our annual open house hosted at the 11Tenths store each summer! We host live DJ’s, prizes, giveaways, food / beverages and collect donations to help give back to various charities. If you’d like to become a sponsor or volunteer at one of our open houses / show & shines, please feel free to contact us!