11Tenths Racecraft understands the enjoyment of owning and driving a classic automobile. We want to help you get that classic car back to its original condition and or modernize it while keeping that classic appearance at the same time. From full body-off restorations, engine / powertrain rebuilds, cosmetic upgrades and refinishing, the team at 11Tenths covers it all. We document each step of the restoration / restomod build process and provide updates to our clients each step of the way. We want you involved in the process as we understand that these classic vehicles have an importance to you!


How do we start our restoration process?


  • Evaluation/Consultation: We want to see and assess what you are looking for as well as the overall state of the vehicle. From there we can determine whether a parts vehicle or new items must be purchased to replace parts that are beyond repair. This is where the estimated quote will be given and discussed with the client.


  • Tear Down/Disassembly: We begin by disassembling the vehicle and categorizing each section – mechanical, body, frame / undercarriage and interior. This keeps every aspect of the vehicle properly organized and identifiable.


  • Body Repair: Common issues with aging vehicles is rust / corrosion as well as damaged body panels. We diagnose the best solution to repair and amend these issues that will be sustainable for years to come. Depending how in depth you would like to go, we can repair and or replace the necessary panels while also adding a rust prevention coating to keep corrosion from returning in the future.


  • Mechanical Rebuild / Upgrade: Our team at 11Tenths will go through the entire mechanical driveline and wiring of the vehicle to ensure it is running as good, if not better, than the day it left the factory. We are also able to upgrade components of the powertrain to modernize and/or make for a superior driving experience. Examples include, but are not limited to, drum brakes being upgraded to disc units, AC being added or complete powertrain swaps.


  • Interior: We will refurbish or purchase interior pieces that may need attention during the restoration / build. We can source OEM replacement interior trim / panels and or upgrade the interior of your vehicle to something more modern or custom that will meet your needs. The interior of your vehicle is where you spend most of your time, therefore we want the materials chosen as well as fit & finish to be of the highest caliber and OEM quality.


  • Paint: Preparation is key when it comes to painting and we take our time to ensure everything is perfect before the vehicle is sent out for paint. By doing a “mock-up” of the vehicle, we can properly align and fit all panels together, ensuring that the body is smooth and panel gaps are within spec. Every paint job is wet sanded and polished, this removes orange peel and particles from the paint resulting in a glass like finish.


  • Reassembly: The reassembly stage is where all that hard work comes together. The 11Tenths team mates the powertrain, wiring, interior and body panels to the chassis ultimately completing the restoration / restomod build. We test the vehicle to ensure all is functioning as it should and detail the vehicle before delivering it to the client.


If you’re considering a restoration or restomod build, please contact us and we will arrange a free consultation and go over, in detail, what you are looking for and expecting from the project. At 11Tenths we make dreams a reality.