Subframe Reinforcement

11Tenths Racecraft specializes in BMW platforms and we are no strangers to the weak points these vehicles develop over time. One major issue with the E46 3 series (1999-2006) coupe platform is subframe pads causing the floor to crack. This is caused by the torque from the rear differential transmiting torsional load from the engine through the subframe, into the chassis of the vehicle. This ultimately causes fatigue in the rear subframe mounting points of the floor, leaving stress cracks in the underbody of the vehicle. To correct this issue and provide the driver with confidence in their vehicle, we install upgraded reinforced steel brackets (from various manufacturers) that provide the extra rigidity needed to prevent subframe floor tears.


Our subframe reinforcement service:

  • Full removal of the rear subframe
  • Prep & welding-in rear subframe reinforcement plates
  • Undercarriage coating to prevent corrosion
  • Subframe bushing replacement (optional)
  • Reassembly & install
  • Brake fluid bleed
  • ** alignment recommended (elsewhere)

During the subframe reinforcement procedure, we will also have one of our certified technicians inspect components of the rear assembly and advise potential serviceable items and upgrades, which may save you additional costs in the future. If you have questions regarding subframe reinforcement, please feel free to contact us!