Track Preparation

11Tenths Racecraft provides track preparation for all makes and models of vehicles. We prep all types, ranging from dedicated race cars to weekend warriors, and even daily driven cars that see the odd track day. We will get your car in its best running order with services that include (but not limited to) brakes, fluid changes, wheel & tire services, safety device installation, vehicle inspections, and corner-balancing services. If you’re planning to run in a specific series, we can perform those  series-specific inspections. Our knowledgeable staff with first-hand racing experience can help maximize your car’s potential within any rule book and since the race track is the true test of a shop’s abilities, that’s where we flourish! We have decades of experience preparing and building a wide variety of race cars for just about every application including auto-cross, driver education events, time trials, drag, rally, and amateur and professional road racing.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Tech inspections
  • Corner balance
  • Custom tuning for use of race fuel
  • Aerodynamic upgrades
  • Installations
    • Track/Race suspension
    • Race seats/steering wheels/harnesses/safety nets
    • Cool shirt/helmet systems
    • Data acquisition/dashes
    • Gauges and data sensors
    • External oil coolers
    • Fire suppression systems
    • Electrical kill switches
    • Transponders
    • Communication systems
    • Fuel cells
    • Spoilers/Splitters/Diffusers/Undertrays/etc.