Car Trunk Organization

With warm weather, car shows, track events and road trips on your mind, are you prepared to make each trip just a bit more bearable? We don’t often think about it until it’s too late, and of course saving weight is precious speed and fuel mileage. There may be a hint of sarcasm there, but there is some truth to not just throwing a mess of items in your trunk for giggles. Trunk space can be a premium and one of the key things is to make sure it’s not just banging around with stuff, potentially causing havoc every time you throw your car around an on ramp! Let’s talk about some key essentials that will be useful in any event.


A folding chair, I cannot stress this one enough. The number of times you will head somewhere and there won’t be seating. A show or track event for certain, maybe even a timmies meet. Any folding chair is better than none, but you need to make a decision on the size of chair you want to lug around. Make some decisions on what’s important to you – maybe space in your trunk? Maybe something easy folding and lighter to carry? Maybe something cheap and easy just to get you by? Either way, throw it in the trunk and keep your peach happy the next time you’re parked up some place with some time to burn. The world is your oyster between online shopping and brick and mortar local stores. $15 is generally the price of entry for a cheapo version.


A reusable grocery bag. I’d be surprised if you didn’t have this in the trunk already. Aside from it’s obvious use these bags are generally more durable and large. The point is not just to have one at the ready but to stuff it with the rest of the stuff we’re going to chat about.


A blanket. Similar to the chair this can double as an ANYWHERE seat. You can’t deny the romance potential for an ad hoc picnic staring at your spouse or your whip, either way it’s a good time. Plus come cold weather it’s handy to keep warm. Shove that bad boy into the aforementioned bag and now you’ve also got a boundary layer for the smaller items left on the list.


A tire pressure gauge and/or pump. Just like the chairs there are lots of options for pumps out there. Sometimes a tire may need just a bit of air. Sometimes it could be that bit of air that gets you home. Plus, the ability to monitor air with a gauge can be very useful. Tire wear comes MOSTLY from improper pressure where you are prematurely wearing your tires. Might as well just prevent that problem by having a gauge with you. Throw it under the blanket in the bag and it won’t go many places.


Sunscreen/Sunblock. Sorry to be a parent but come on, this is self explanatory. Make sure it has a good cap so it doesn’t open up randomly, that’s important. But having it in the bag as well, proves endlessly ready and handy for those days that you’re staring melanoma in the face. Do your due diligence on which one you choose but for this article just get one that won’t damage your interior leather or plastics and has a good cap! Sunscreen can be VERY difficult to clean.


Snacks/Drinks. This one can be touch and go because they may expire or get too hot for use. But throwing a snack or drink in the bag is also a good plan. Take care of your body like you take care of your ride.


Microfibers. Need I explain this one? Cleaning, drying or wiping. Maybe you just need to polish a shoe or get bird dirt off a windshield. Pack a few of these in there.


Tie the bag loops together to keep everything inside and you’ve got your basic comfort kit ready for the road.


Last thing…if you have taken these items to the track be sure to empty them out of the trunk. Guess what, since you have a chair, you’ve got a spot to put it all while you’re on the track!



Happy Trails

David Balazic