Fuel Saving Tips

These days a trip to the pumps can be quite painful. Especially if you happen to suffer from high octane woes. A nice dinner out at the local steakhouse might officially be cheaper than how you get there. Inflation hasn’t just affected your groceries!

Is the solution to stick a fork in a socket and get electrified? Obviously not. There are some simple tips that you may not have thought or even heard of!


1 – Check Your Tire Pressure

We’ve said it before. Often overlooked, low tire pressure not only causes poor handling and accelerated tire wear but can also be a major contributor to poor gas mileage. Not to get too technical here but rolling resistance literally describes its own problem. Tire tread pattern, tire size, even rubber compound can make a difference. But right now let’s just talk about optimizing the pressure (in all your tires, not just the flat one)! Check your door jam area for recommended pressure and get to the air pump!


2 – Throw out the Lard

Your car is fat. Thousands of pounds of Apple Car Play and umpteen air bags are heavy! The last thing your car needs is to carry around your living room. You’d be surprised how quickly it adds right up. You might be carrying around some books, maybe some extra jugs of windshield washer fluid or maybe you’ve got a couple sets of shovels in the back of your Cadillac. Either way, lose the extra weight. It helps. Feels good to cleanse your car too.


3 – You are Dragging it down

Are you currently using the ski rack? How about the surf board or kayak holder? Maybe a luggage rack? Let’s get more technical, did you add a wing or a splitter or something else to ruin the slippery shape of your car? Ask yourself if the 10 – 20 minutes of taking those things off the car might be worth the couple of dollars you’ll save at the pump. Coefficient drag can be significantly changed by a simple roof rack so consider that the next time you wanna save some pennies.


4 – Smooth as your Digestive Tract

Friction, inside and out. Smoothing out the physical friction and making your pump run efficiently! That’s right, your car’s motor is essentially just a giant air pump. Making it efficient is simple. Maintenance!!! Put in the right gas that your car calls for. Change your oil, that helps with internal friction. Change your spark plugs, make it ignite the gas efficiently. Change your air filter!!! Literally your car’s lungs. Clean means better flow. Better flow mean efficiency. Everyone is happy when they have good flow…


5 – Adjust Your Driving

Let’s make this easy. PAY ATTENTION to the road ahead. Try to coast more, try to tickle the gas pedal. By seeing what’s ahead you can prepare safely and well in advance. Keep your momentum safely. This can help in saving gas as well. 

Some thoughts to help your mindset. The car is least fuel efficient while it idles, and when it needs to start moving. That takes the most energy (and thus fuel). Coasting and letting the car slow naturally is more efficient than slamming on the brakes and then using fuel to get moving again. Follow the rules of the road and be courteous to those around you. But there are definitely some opportunities to adjust your style to hypermile!

There you are. Some simple tips to save you a few buckaroos in between visits to the pump. Of course there is even more you can do but this will get you on the right track. Also might be worth considering who you vote for in the next election as well. Maybe questioning the efficiency of the air pump that is the government. Who knew a tax would affect your ability to get to work; so you could get paid, to pay tax. 


David Balazic