Stage 3 Cylinder Head – M6X


Quick Overview

VAC’s Stage 3 Performance Cylinder Heads are the ULTIMATE in cylinder head technology and performance, crafted with more than 50 years experience in the racing field.

Many of our cylinder heads are capable of 120-155 HP per liter N/A, and of course drastically more when used with forced induction. We have spent many, many years on the dyno, the flow bench, and even more years though world-wide racing experience to achieve such excellent results while being reliable enough to compete in professional motorsports. Our Stage 3 heads are intended to produce maximum peak horsepower while still maintaining excellent powerband, the crucial secret of the fastest race engines in the world!

Even though they are an extreme departure from stock, we have stage 3 heads for use on the ultimate street performance vehicle as well.

Our Stage 3 Cylinder Heads feature the following:

Complete Disassembly & Cleaning

Comprehensive Leak, Crack & Pressure Test

Inspect All Components For Irregular Wear

Our Superior Max Performance Multi-angle Intake, Radius Exhaust Valve Job Using Serdi Equipment

One-Piece High Performance Stainless Steel Valves, Balanced and Blueprinted (Standard or Oversized)

Unshrouding of Valves

Meticulous Port and Polish Work

Attention to Potential Hot-spot Areas and Chamfering

CC’ed and Chamber Reprofiling as Needed

All New VAC Up rated Valve Guides

Trueness Checked & Resurfaced Mating Surface

High Performance VAC Valve Springs, Balanced

Titanium Or Steel Alloy Valve Spring Retainers

Proprietary Tweaks to Improve Performance

Everything above is a Flow-Bench and real world tested design